Thursday, August 04, 2016

Early Morning Musings

It has been quite a long time since I didn't sleep through the night. One such night was yesterday. I had slight fever earlier in the evening. Thanks to my husband who got the medicines even late at night, I found some respite from the condescending cold and flu who love me way too much. But I woke up around 3 am and haven't been able to sleep after that. I dread this hour and to my luck, here I was wide awake. I thought of talking to my friends staying in the other side of the world. It would have been easy and comforting too but for some reason I chose not to. I started searching randomly scholarly articles over the net. Got bored of it and soon turned to Facebook for something interesting in other people's lives. I was further bored and irritated reading their judgments and opinions. Finally took to self-introspection and I found respite.

What was bothering me? Why was I unhappy despite having a good family, life partner, work, interests and few close friends? What was it that was paining me? Bothering me? I knew the answer deep down inside of me. Past few days at work had been very tough. I was doing my best at work and I was happy. Being the person I am, I self appraise myself and if I am happy, I knew there was nothing amiss. I had received my share of appreciation too and was building my way up the ladder. I was at my authentic best too.But there was something apart from this which I was experiencing for the first time. I could sense discontent amongst my team members for the path I had taken. They came wearing the mask of friendship and had begun to stab me from behind.I was not sure if its the insecurity or the politics of collaboration that was hurting me. I had begun to feel lonely. I wasn't used to this atmosphere. I always had genuine friends at workplace. I am used to the times when we as friends, together found our solace in venting out our frustration against our manager/supervisor. But here the case was different. I was experiencing to be in the shoes of someone else. For the first time I realised that work isn't everything in the corporate. It is just one aspect of the entire marathon.

I am not sure how I will cope with it. After about 3 hours of deep thought, I have decided to seek a professional mentor out of my company. I aspire many things but peace and happiness over throw everything else. One thing I learnt for sure. As and when I climb up the ladder, it becomes more imperative for me to study people, analyze them and ensure only a  few go through the night I have had today.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Thoughts of the Past - XVI

There were a thousand emotions running across her mind. It seemed history. He seemed to be a figment of her imagination now. Everything flashed across her eyes - the fresher's party, the college days, summer breaks, placements,Aditi's wedding etc etc. There were a thousand things which went unsaid between them. But whose fault was it? Did she want to blame him then or even now? They took a lot of decisions. Who knew what was right, what was wrong. They were just taken and it had brought them here today, at the cusp of taking yet another decision. She didn't want to meet him. For her, it was a chapter closed. Done and dusted. What did life or he wanted from her now?

He lied still, few metres away from her, being attended by a nurse. He looked pale. Age had taken a heavy toll on him. He kept staring at the ceiling. She wasn't sure what she would speak to him. With every step of hers getting her closer to him, she felt an unusual rush through her. She felt different. There was happiness, there was nervousness. But most of all the eagerness to have this moment with him. Finally she was near him, standing right beside him. She didn't remember when was the last time she had been this close to him. She felt weirdly complete as she touched his hand and held it tight. He was still looking at the ceiling. Her touch startled him. He looked at her. They smiled and kept looking at each other, without saying anything. They held each other's hands tightly.
"Sister, can you give us some time with each other? I will ask for you when needed." - said Rya

"Sure. But make sure he doesn't exert himself much"- said the nurse and left the room.

Rya closed the door and looked back at Ryan. It was their moment. There was nothing between them. She went and sat near him, held his hands and looked deep into his eyes. She could feel the same warmth of love which she had for him. She laughed. She laughed hard. Ryan was surprised.

"It could have been a hell lot of things between us except for this Ryan. Except for this what we are or where we are today. You and I could have been together, but not this way. You and I loved. We still do. I compromised. You suffered. I was stubborn. You were stupid. I was practical. You were emotional. And look where we ended up!! We screwed up when two lives were at stake and now you expect us to fix it when four lives are involved.!!"

"Rya, for once stop thinking about others. It is about what we want. Do you love me?" - cried Ryan.

"Yes I do. I always did and will continue loving you. But it isn't about it only. You didn't understand it then and you don't even now. We had our chances. We ruined it. We deserve to be where we are. Accept it. Do not tie it with your feelings."

"I do not get it. Honestly I don't. I don't even want to get it Rya. Just come with me. Let us put all of this behind and start afresh."

"You are the road I left behind, many many years ago Ryan. I have started on a different journey on a different path. It has its own ups and downs but now I am on it, with it. I cannot leave it behind me. I own my decision and you got to own yours."

"I don't own anything Rya. I am a loner. I am still where you left me behind. I am beckoning you to come back. To come back to where you belong."

"No. You do. You owe someone who gave her entire life to you, selflessly. Marriage ain't a joke. You made love a farce and now you're doing the same to marriage."

"She married me. I never loved her or will ever do. I have never loved anyone but for you Rya. Why don't you get it????"

"Any why don't you get it that I can't come back to you Ryan. What was ours is gone. Once upon a time I agree I loved, truly I did, But now I have matured."

"Why did you come back to see me then?"

"To find you a closure. I didn't want to meet you at every turn of my journey and then feel helpless of my past. I have good memories of it and I hold on to it with my dearest of feelings and emotions. I find solace in my memories and you are the best of it all. Love is irreplaceable Ryan. I have just sent it to the back of the recesses of my mind. Everytime I want it, I still feel it but unknown to everyone. I live in the hope of my lost love but am present in the love which found me. I have found my balance. You got to find yours."

"And are you happy?"

"Try it. There is nothing happier than having it both. Do not try to read too deep into all. It will take away the simplicity of it. And its tough to lead it simple, easy to complicate it."

Rya let go of his hand and stood up. Ryan sat still. She kissed him on his forehead and went ahead to open the door.


"Yes Ryan?"

"Do you think we can be together in our next life time?" - smiled Ryan.

"We are together even in this. The beauty is nobody knows it but for our hearts". 

Ryan smiled.

She opened the door to find Meeta standing outside. Giving her a hug, she wished her good luck and walked ahead.

She looked back one last time and found Ryan and Meeta hugging each other.There were tears in her eyes as she put her sunglasses on but simultaneously she had a wide smile on her lips.

(The End)

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Thoughts of the Past - XV

"Where are we going Kartik? You sound crazy to me. You don't even know the place. Everyone would be waiting for us back there."

"Mom, it won't take more than an hour. You got to have some patience. I have a surprise for you. Just trust me and walk with me" - said Kartik.

"You have come here for the 1st time and you got a surprise for me!!  At least you should have got your father with us. You kids are mad!!" - cried Rya and walked along with him.

Before long, they entered a cafe. It was a small, quaint cafe with a few people around. The air smelled good. Jars of cookies and coffee beans filled the shelves of the cafe.

"How did you find this place..." - continued Rya, seemingly interested looking around.

"Mom, meet Mrs. Meeta, Ryan Mehra's wife."

Rya turned her head instantly to find Meeta smiling at her, ready to give a hug. She was not sure how to respond to either her or the situation. She looked at Kartik, with an askance.

"Do not ask me how I met her or where I met her. She wanted to meet you and this was the only way I could reach out to Mr. Ryan. This is all for Kavya. I am sorry I didn't tell you earlier. I wasn't sure if you would agree to come, considering how you reacted the other day."

Rya was silent. Meeta hugged her and spoke "Finally!"

"Hi. Hi. I am sorry. I was a bit surprised..... or may be shocked.... I didn't anticipate all of this....Truly I didn't.... How are you doing? ......I didn't even know Ryan was married..... Actually we haven't been in touch for quite some time.....Hows he doing....You got kids?" - stammered Rya.

"Kartik, do you mind excusing your Mom and me for some time" - said Meeta.

"Oh Yeah. Sure. Not a problem".

"Thanks!!!" - smiled Meeta.

"I don't know where to start or how to answer all your questions Rya. May be Ryan is the best person to answer them all. All that I know is you hold the same place in Ryan's life as does Ryan hold in mine. He has never got past you and trust me I have no regrets or no complaints. He had confessed this to me even then. I felt I could change things. I felt I could change him, his feelings from you to me. Even when we got married, it was my stubbornness to have Ryan. My will to possess him. My will to marry him. My will to love him. And it stayed the same way for years, even now. Initially I bore hatred for you. I wanted to erase you off his memory. I was unable to understand how a person could still have feelings for another person who has moved on in her life, who is miles away from him and who has probably found love and life in someone else. Ryan's selfless love and eternal commitment for you in the form of his silence tortured me. I left him, thinking it will affect him. He will miss me and he will beckon me. But I was wrong. He stayed in that small cottage. He named it combining your and his name and he stayed still and calm. He didn't long for me. I came back for him. I was the one who got affected. I still loved him and that's when I realized what he goes through everyday because I go through the same...every single day. What keeps me and him alive is probably the feeling which we have for the person we love."

"You must be thinking why I am saying you all this. Probably you have moved far ahead and you do not wish to look back. Ryan never told me how things were between you two. Neither did I dare ask. But the reason I asked you to come today is more out of my selfish motive. I want to see him happy. I want him well. He is at the hospital now and the doctors are unable to find him a cure. He doesn't speak to anyone anymore. He stares blankly and occasionally mutters your name. I want you to come with me and see him. Please help me!! For my sake!! God willed for us to meet and now I will to save my husband. Please come with me Rya." - cried Meeta.

"Where is he now?"

(To be continued...)

Saturday, November 07, 2015

Recesses of the Mind

A pain so deep you know not how to let go of it
Strengths turning to weaknesses you never thought of
Memories so strong that its hard to rub off
No one to open up to or share your inner conflicts with

Fear of being misunderstood, immature and probably selfish.
Cornered for being partial and loving conditional.
For being a person who has changed with time.
And for being perceived as the one who has it all.

Look beyond the deep eyes and the tired soul
Not the smile I flaunt
Dig for the thousand sorrows I hide
Stab me not with your love's brunt.

A bit of love, a bit of compassion
Add to it a pinch of understanding
Don't judge me for who I am not
Accept me with a sense of belonging

If you can't offer me this
I am hungry for nothing more
Leave me to my world of black and white
Don't make my heart go further sore.

I held your hand then and his now
Tomorrow I may walk lone and low
If you didn't understand me today
I don't expect you to understand me tomorrow

I will still be behind you
My care, my love or my feelings
Is here to stay
But as of now,
Lets stay away, lets stay happy.

Saturday, August 08, 2015

Thoughts of the Past - XIV

The next morning, Kartik went to the same place. But this time he went alone. After yesterday's warning to Kavya by her mother, it was not possible for her to accompany him. He loved the place. There was something around it which beckoned him in an eerie way. The best part of the place was the river flowing nearby. He went and sat on its banks and tried thinking of what had happened last night. It seemed peculiar.He had never seen his mother this way.

"Mom...the place is so beautiful!!I want to take you there tomorrow."

"Which place? And whose idea was it?? Your aunt had gone crazy when she got to know Kavya was outside. In India, these kind of things are still not acceptable, you know. " - said Rya and smiled.

She was folding the clothes when Kartik came from behind and hugged her.

"And do you think the same too?" - asked Kartik.

Rya turned around and said "No. But simultaneously, I don't want any unnecessary trouble sweetheart. Kavya is a sweet girl. She deserves a happy and nuisance free marriage."

Rya went near the cupboard to keep the pile of clothes.

"Do you know Ryan Mehra Mom? He studied with you and Kavya's parents in the same college right?"

For a moment, Rya felt as if time had stopped. She didn't know what to say. She looked back at Kartik.

"How do you know him?" - asked Rya.

"Mom!! Does it really matter? Did you ever interact with him? Are you still in touch with him or do you know anybody who can help me get in touch with him? I have been thinking..."

"Actually I should ask Aditi Auntie about him. He was her friend. She might be knowing...but had she known, Kavya could have contacted him...I just don't know..." - continued Kartik. He seemed to be really perplexed about finding Ryan and was trying to find out links to reach out to him.

"How do you know him Kartik???? " - shouted Rya.

"Cool down Mom. Why are you so angry? Kavya mentioned him. She seems to be pretty close to him. She shared a significant part of her childhood with him. But now she is unable to find him. If I could help her find him, she would have her best wedding gift, you see "- said Kartik and smiled.

"But why did you get so angry? What's the matter Mom..."

"Nothing. Nothing Kartik" - said Rya and went back to the pile of clothes.

"There is something Mom!! I have never seen you this angry. Do you know him?..."

"Whats happening between mother and son?? "- said Aditi and entered into the room. She put a big yellow sweet into Kartik's mouth and said "You won't get this there. Just eat and relish" and smiled.

"Rya. I need you downstairs. We have a ritual in which we need married women. Come downstairs in next 10 minutes." - said Aditi and turned back to leave.

"Auntie. I want to talk to you for a couple of minutes. Can I come with you?" - asked Kartik.

"I am going downstairs. You can talk to Aditi here." - said Rya and left abruptly.

Aditi could not understand what was happening around. She looked at Rya and knew something had affected her deep.

When Kartik asked her of Ryan, she understood everything. She denied knowing anything about Ryan and suggested Kartik to stop bothering about finding him and rather enjoying the marriage. But she knew she had to speak to Rya.


Kartik wasn't a kid anymore. He knew there was something about this guy. He had to find him. But "how" was the question. There was nobody to help him out. As he sat near the banks, he saw somebody sitting on the other side of the river. She was a lady, the age of his mother probably. She seemed to be in deep thoughts. Kartik felt an urge to speak to her. He didn't know why though. He had to cross the river. He tried searching for a bridge. There was none in sight. He kept walking for quite some distance until he found one. He crossed over and found that this part of the place was more beautiful than the one where he sat. There was a small cottage nearby too.

"She must be staying here." - thought Kartik.

It was a beautiful cottage. There was a small patio in front of the house too. Small flower plants added to the beauty of it. The house had a nameplate infront of it - "Aranya".

Kartik walked past it and stopped on reaching where the lady was sitting. His presence was comfortably ignored by her. She sat quietly. She had tears in her eyes. She was in deep pain.

Kartik sat next to her. He tried to make a nervous attempt of conversing with her.

"This place is so beautiful!! Even the cottage! Do you stay there?" - asked Kartik.

The lady got startled. Probably she wasn't used to this encroachment in quite some time.

"Who are you? Why are you here?" - she asked.

"My name is Kartik. I stay in US. I have come to India for my friend's wedding. She showed me around this place yesterday. I liked it so much that I came back here today and I found you sitting here. Thought of ...talking to you..."

The lady got up and started walking away from Kartik, towards her cottage.

"Whats your name?" - asked Kartik from behind.

She didn't reply.

"Can we talk?..." - continued Kartik.

Still no reply.

"I am here to find a person. He used to come here often..."

She continued walking away from him.

"Ryan. Ryan Mehra. By any chance do you know him?...".

She stopped. 

Turning behind, she asked Kartik "Who are you?"


After hearing everything from Kartik, Meeta (the lady) heaved a long sigh. She looked down and smiled to herself.

" Kartik, can you do me a favour?"

"Yeah. Sure." - replied Kartik.

"Meet me tomorrow at this address and get your mother with you."

She scribbled the address on a piece of paper and handed it over to him.

"Can we meet Mr. Mehra tomorrow" - asked Kartik, being hopeful.

Meeta had given him the hope that she knew Ryan.

"Kartik. Lets meet tomorrow first." - said Meeta and got up to leave.

"But you didn't tell me who are you and how do you know him? " - asked Kartik.

Meeta paused for a second and finally said "I am his wife."

(To be continued...)

Thursday, July 02, 2015

In response to Leibster Award

Thank you Salvwi for honouring me with the recognition! I am humbled. Even though I write to satiate myself and my thoughts, it feels good to be appreciated.

As per the rules of the award, I lay down 11 facts about myself as below:

1. I am spiritual.
2. I have strong will power.
3. I am short tempered.
4. I love philosophy, literature and business.
5. I am passionate about writing, dancing and travelling.
6. My favourite sitcom is FRIENDS.
7. I have a huge crush on Hrithik Roshan, still.
8. I am a cheerful person.
9. I am a J type personality (Refer MBI Test)
10. I love my family and friends.
11. I aspire to be an entrepreneur someday.

Answering Salvwi's questions:

1. Do you like digital or hardcopy novels? - Hardcopy.
2. Which quality defines you? - Optimism
3. If you were a colour, which one you would choose to be and why? - Blue. It pacifies everything around.
4. List three things without which you don't leave your house ever? - House Keys, Mobile and Wallet
5. How important is your blog for you? - As important as the right brain is for the body.
6. Can writing be an acquired talent? - Yes. It can be. Eg - Content Writing.
7. How did you pamper yourself today? - By having home made virgin mojito for the first time.
8. Did you meet an old friend recently? - Yes. I met my friend from graduation and it felt good.
9. What would you like to change in yourself, if at all? - A bit less of temper.
10. What is your greatest accomplishment in life? - Marrying the guy I love.
11. How happy are you today? - As happy as the drops of rain falling from the sky.

Bloggers who left their impact on me:

3. Soumya

Questions for my nominees:

1. What makes you happy?
2. Your greatest regret in life.
3. Do you believe in spirituality? Reason.
4. Apart from your partner, who are you most close to in your life?
5. According to you, what is so weird about you?
6. Favourite word.
7. What according to you is a myth?
8. Your role model
9. Alternate career you aspire for.
10. The animal you most resemble to.
11. Your Dream Travel Destination.

When a blogger accepts the award, the blogger has to:

1. Write 11 facts about his/her self
2. Answer 11 questions from your nominator
3. Nominate 11 blogs with under 200 followers
4. Leave 11 questions for the nominees to answer

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Quote Challenge - Day 3

Continuing with the challenge on Day 3, I would like to mention the above quote, in which I truly madly and deeply believe in. I  don't know its origin but this is probably the purest form of truth I have ever heard or read. No matter what happens, life goes on. It doesn't wait. And you got to walk with it. Even if you want, you cannot stop it from its due course of time and when the time comes, even then you cannot change its will. Life is free and it doesn't get affected by the mundane.

There have been times when I have asked life to stop, for all the mean things I was being afflicted with. I had lost hope. I had lost the zeal to live.I felt nothing could ever become worse than this and I could never go back to normal. But my life didn't pay heed to me. It went on. It went on to make me believe that I was wrong. I became better and mature with all the meanness of life. I went ahead in life. I could see the morning after the night. I am still not sure if whatever happened was for the best or worst but I didn't have a choice. I had to accept it. But my acceptance didn't lead me to the dark. It went on to give me opportunities to better my life and I did.

The best part of life is the surprises it throws at you. The best is not to get baffled but accept the challenge and go on to find what's in store for you. As long as you can dream, you can live and try to live that dream.  We can love our lives, hate it too but just can't ignore it and that's what they mean when they say LIFE GOES ON.

Thank you Salvwi for nominating me for this.

Since I do not know a lot of bloggers, I nominate anybody and everybody from the blogger world to take up this challenge and write about their favourite quotes.

The 3 day Quote Challenge is all about:
  1. Post one of your favourite quotes (different quote on each day) on three consecutive days. The quote can be from your favourite book, author or your own.
  2. Nominate 3 bloggers with each post to challenge them.
  3. Thank the blogger, who nominated you.